Of Wet Cellphones…

Well, my dad decided to wash his cellphone, except I think he really didn’t mean to.. well, the upside is that I got to gut the phone in drying it out, and it’s actually working, somewhat.. there’s some leftover rubbing alcohol in the screen which is drying out (I used alcohol to displace the water) but I think the mic might be busted, kinda killing the whole phone aspect of it :)

Enjoy the pictures, tho!

3 Responses to “Of Wet Cellphones…”

  1. Caitlin Baker Says:

    What is the latest and most expensive cellphones this year ?.`:

  2. Andrew Jackson Says:

    i am sort of obsessed with the latest cellphones on the market and i am always on the lookout”,`

  3. Lexie Wilkinson Says:

    cellphones these days are getting ultra-modern and packed with lots of features~.`

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