Vertex Standard CE39 Manufacturer Mode

Hi all… I have two Vertex Standard VX-900 VHF portable radios which I’ve been having issues with, because they always TX DPL’s in inverted polarity, rather than normal polarity. I did some looking around and realized that the standard file in CE39 for Windows has the option “DCS TX Data” in the “Common > Hardware” menu set to “Inverted”. However, there is no way to change this! The option is generally greyed out, along with others!

I had recently learned of the “Dealer” mode for some Vertex Standard software, where you right click on the shortcut to the programming software, and add a “-d” at the end of the target line. So, for example, “C:\Program Files (x86)\Vertex Standard\CE39Win.exe” -d would give you “dealer mode”, which appears to not exist for CE39, but does for CE60 for the VXR9000 and I imagine some others as well.

Anyhow, I was looking for a way to get into those greyed-out dropdown menus in the VX900 software, which would allow you to change squelch hysteresis, squelch attack time, squelch release time, etc. What I ended up doing was running CE39Win.exe with every single switch possible (-a,-b,-c,-d…) until the menu items became ungreyed. Well, they never came ungreyed, but with the switch “-m”, a password dialog popped up. I tried “password” and the program started up, but the boxes were still greyed out. So, it turns out, “password” was not the password. So, after a little bit of resourceful hacking, I was able to find the password, which is “ansho-bango” (no quotes).

So, in short, change the target of your program shortcut to append a “-m” at the end of the target line, save the shortcut, run the program, and type in “ansho-bango”, and ansho-bango, you’re ready to go!

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  1. Scott Says:

    This works on most software from the VX-132 through the VX-4100/4200. But when the VX-2100/2200 was brought out, that special link has been changed. I’m still looking for it.

  2. maxkelley Says:

    Hi Scott, thanks for reading!
    That’s interesting… I’ll have to do some research on it, perhaps… I haven’t done much hacking with the newer Vertex stuff, as I don’t personally have any (although I deal with lots of it for work.)

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