CE115 Hacks for Vertex VX-4500 VX-4600 VX-450

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Vertex CE115 Hack Notes

CE115.exe is located in C:\Vertex Standard\CE115\ and is used for the Vertex 4500/4600 mobiles and 450 portables. It has a number of “manufacturer” or “engineering” modes that allow access to fields in the programming software that are not normally accessible, which will allow changing of band limits (to allow out-of-band frequencies, such as amateur) and numerous other features and tweaks. Because of the nature of these fields, they can cause damage to your radio and serious degradation of performance. Do not use any of these engineering modes if you do not know what you’re getting into!

Command Line Switches:

/kaiha or –kaiha: This is manufacturer mode, and when successfully entered, will show a (M) after the program name in the title bar of the window. The password for this mode is “Kaihatsusha Senyou” (case-sensitive, no quotes, with the space).

/eng or –eng: This is engineering mode, password is “pasuwa-do”. Has less functionality available, but still allows changing the frequency bandsplit.

/siriaru or –siriaru: I’m not sure what the name of this mode is, but it displays an (SP) in the title bar of the program window. It seems to block out most (if not all) of the options in the Common > Hardware menu, and there doesn’t seem to be any features that are added… Password is “kanri bango”.

/ship or –ship: Again, not really sure of the name of this mode, other than “SHIP” mode (as shown in the titlebar. It must have some use in the factory… The password is “koujyou”.


Max Kelley KC2SPY


9 Responses to “CE115 Hacks for Vertex VX-4500 VX-4600 VX-450”

  1. Gilberto Diaz Says:

    Thanks for the ce115 lines very useful.
    I’m looking for the command lines for vertex ce59

    Thanks for your help

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  3. David Johnson Says:

    Do you have the hacks for Ce115 for Version 1.09

  4. n2meg Says:

    I am running ce-115 ver 1.09 on windows 7 and it will not promt the passord promt. It just runs program. “C:\Vertex Standard\CE115\CE115.exe” /kaiha
    or “C:\Vertex Standard\CE115\CE115.exe” -kaiha
    what version are you using and what OS also.

  5. n2meg Says:

    o.k. I tried ver 1.08 and it works, will not work for ver 1.09

  6. Rashmi Patel DDS Says:

    Rashmi Patel DDS…

    MaxKelley.com » Blog Archive » CE115 Hacks for Vertex VX-4500 VX-4600 VX-450…

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  8. Dave Says:

    Here is the exact command line I had to enter with Win7 to get it to work. Copy and Paste this exactly as is written

    C:\”Vertex Standard”\CE115\CE115.exe /kaiha

  9. Dave Says:

    Just to add to my above comment, a simple copy and paste doesn’t work. It must be entered manually for the command to work

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