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Friday, April 14th, 2006

I have added a pretty little photo gallery to the site with random things.. Also, MaxKelley IRC Network is back up at #MaxKelley. I’m also learning C, and that’s about it.

April Fools!

Saturday, April 1st, 2006

I certainly had an interesting conversation this morning:

(11:21:42) Deuces Wild 300: i love yoy
(11:21:43) Deuces Wild 300: youi
(11:21:49) Deuces Wild 300: you*
(11:22:11) bluecrewmax: I’m very happy to hear that. did you take a double dose of cocaine this morning?
(11:22:11) Deuces Wild 300 logged in.
(11:22:20) Deuces Wild 300: last night i did
(11:22:24) Deuces Wild 300: but
(11:22:25) bluecrewmax: mmm.. good.
(11:22:31) Deuces Wild 300: iot shouldnt affect me this mornnin
(11:22:43) bluecrewmax: ok, well then that’s better.
(11:22:46) bluecrewmax: well, no, it isn’t.
(11:22:59) bluecrewmax: apparently, you love me, and that is impossible.

Alas, cheers.