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Bye-bye, G5…

Thursday, July 27th, 2006

Ahh, the pseudo-last day at RIT. Camp, that is. Anyways, I have to say bye-bye to my Dual G5 that I’ve been using since the class is over. I had fun using the terminal and tar/bzip2. I was able to shrink 230mb of illustrator/photoshop files to about 144mb. Needless to say, my teacher was impressed by my terminal handiwork. He was the one who had to back up all of our stuff :) I used my triple-redundancy backup method: CD, usb-stick, and FTP (at 800kbps, too).

Err, anyways, the WRT54GL is working nicely. Haven’t turned on SSH yet, because I’m afraid it’ll impair my ability to run SSH on Having dbr, switch, strayfe, and a bunch of other people using it adds zero pressure :P

Anyways, I’m in the library computer lab, here at RIT, using a Dell GX270 (name familiar, at all?) with Gig-E (if I’m not mistaken). Happily, there’s an SSH application pre-installed on this computer. <3 RIT


Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

Before it rained, today, I went outside and played soccer with Emmie (my little sister) and Conor (a neighbor friend). It started sprinkling, and we started watching some IT Crowd episodes on YouTube before Conor had to go inside and enjoy his 3-hour slow-cooked barbequed ribs. Yum.

For my dinner, I had garden-fresh yellow squash, stuffed with brown rice, green onions, garlic, egg, and all sorts of good stuffs. That, along with piggies-in-a-blanket using fresh baked bread and cheddar cheese. Not bad of a dinner.


Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

OK, I’ve figured this out.

Since mostly people from school and people I know go to, they, chances are, do not want to read a tech-oriented blog. Correct?

So, I figure that I can start one here! Here goes nothing…

Well, hello world! It took me a while, but we are now up to 8 computers, somehow… We have the:

  • HP Pavilion: 400mhz P3, 256mb, 20gb and 800mb
  • Dell Optiplex GX270 (my workstation/server): 2.6ghz P4, 1024mb, 40gb and 120gb
  • Dell Optiplex GX260 (my mom’s desktop): 2.0ghz P4, 512mb, 40gb
  • Sillyrabbit (my old desktop, beige box): 333mhz AMD K6-2, 128mb, 3.6gb (AT power supply)
  • Intel 486DX (oooold desktop): ??mhz Intel 486DX, no ram, no hd (in process of being re-built)
  • IBM ThinkPad T42 (mom’s laptop): 1.7ghz Pentium M (Centrino), 512mb, ??gb
  • Dell Latitude D810 (dad’s laptop): 1.75ghz Pentium M (Centrino), 512mb, 40gb
  • Intel Small Business Server (I don’t know the specs on this, I just sorta got it, and all I know is that it has a status LCD and a hot-swap SCSI bay)

Yeah… we’re up to 8 computers. It’s fairly scary. Did I mention 4 are mine?

Display-wise, we have…

  • BenQ FP731 17″ LCD 21ms (mine)
  • Viewsonic VA1912wb 19″ widescreen 16ms (mom’s desktop)
  • Dell Big-Clunker™ 17″ CRT
  • HP Big-Clunker™ M70 CRT
  • NEC MultiSync 13″ viewable CRT

And, much to my excitement, we recieved a long-awaited WRT54GL from our friends at NewEgg. When we first bought it, we recieved it in 3 days (thanks UPS!) and it arrived dead. Strangely, the symptoms were similar to what happens when you flash the router unsuccessfully. Anyways, we called Linksys to try and get an RMA from them, but they wanted us to pay shipping both ways. So, we then called NewEgg (after reading online that it was not possible to get an RMA for it) and they gave us an RMA. We only had to pay return-to-them shipping. It was about $8.50 for 10-day shipping to California! 10 days!

So, thanks to the good folks over at DD-WRT, my WRT54GL is running at 75mw and OC’ed to 252mhz with all the encryption you can get. I love OSS! :)

Anyways, this week, I’ve been going to RIT for a nice little graphics design camp, working with Illustrator and Photoshop. I’ve never actually used a PowerMac G5 before, and, I must say, they’re loud. But, the dual 17″ LCD’s make up for it. I’m including with this post a PNG of something I did that turned out pretty nicely over there.

Well, I had my eye on a PowerEdge 2450 on eBay but, believe it or not, the price went up (to $30), and now it’s out of my price range. Dual P3’s 1.13ghz, 3 hot-swap SCSI drives..

Lastly, I want to commend Corey Shields at OSUOSL and Ken Keiter (an OSU student) for being awesome bloggers. They will forever be in my blogroll.

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