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New year, new look!

Sunday, December 31st, 2006

Well, the old look was wearing on me, so here it is! The all-new, 2007-ized,!


Monday, December 11th, 2006

Whew… cobwebs. Well, I haven’t posted in here for a while… Uhm, basically, I’ve been more interested in ham radio by now, which is nice. I’ve removed the monster speakers on my desk in return for a vintage Sansui amplifier paired with Bose speakers and subwoofer. The Morning Show is now on the web, too! Check it out. I’m thinking of doing an RSS feed for them. I think that the Web 2.0 community (if there is one in Webster) will appreciate it greatly, and I will. I think it’ll encourage people to learn the power of RSS. (The December 11 Video has me there :) ) Anyways, that’s always fun to hear. I’ve discovered Dave Gorski’s TechWiki for DeWitt Road School, one of the schools in our district.. I’ve looked at his Bloglines feeds and bookmarks, and he seems like the guy that would accept such things. There is so much more potential behind this stuff we’re doing.. We could do a lot more. Imagine: the first Web 2.0 school. We have perfect resources for it to happen, we just need the push to get started. I believe that Brenda Roof, school technologist, is a bit stuck-to-the-books. In order for any of this stuff to happen, we need to stop making the school so private, and being so legal about it. There are so many laws and ordinances that we have to be careful of, that it makes it hard to do anything. Bottom-line is, we need to start taking risks. She wants to take little steps, but if we are too slow, every other school in the nation will have RSS feeds and Syndication before we know it. Big steps, big risks, big results.