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Friday, March 30th, 2007

I hang out on the Atheme IRC Network, and a month back or so, I was in search of a new audio player. Amarok was just too buggy. So, I went down the list one, and found Audacious, which happened to be developed by nenolod, who I know from Atheme! Small world, no? Anyways, it’s a great blend of Winamp, Beep Media Player, and XMMS, and I love it.


Tube amp

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

Tube amp, originally uploaded by maxkelley.

I spotted this at a home show I went to over the weekend.. It was in a mockup living room.. The guy said “Wow, you’re the first one who actually knew what that was!”


Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

I, a couple months ago, got the fine RSS reader, Sage, which works as a Firefox extension to display your feeds in the browser. I was skeptical at the beginning, not sure of the whole integration deal, but it works quite well as a simple RSS reader. I sort of actually like it being in the browser because if I’m browsing the web and want to quickly check my friends’ blogs, I can do so.. Alt-Z is all it takes. So, here’s what I subscribe to:

  • ultramookie – an overall interesting blog, combines computers and life as a small family
  • Life According to Corey – the blog of Corey Shields, who works at Oregon State University’s Open Source Lab. He posts less-frequently, but his posts are very in-depth.
  • Hack A Day – ah, the quintessential hardware junkie’s blog… I aspire to be featured there some day..
  • dive into mark – an overall good blog, sometimes some very interesting and funny posts.
  • Geek Technique – of course, who could forget to subscribe to Mark Hoekstra’s blog, Geek Technique.. a good hardware hacker, who recently converted an iPod Mini to 16gb.. impressive accomplishment, markie
  • SimpleBits – I don’t read this one as often, but sometimes Dan Cederholm throws in some good content, such as “How to make square corners with CSS”
  • craigslist – I subscribe to my local craiglist feed for computer stuff, just so I can salivate over my keyboard.

And, I subscribe to my own feed :)

Headphone Splitter

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

Headphone Splitter, originally uploaded by maxkelley.

It’s a headphone splitter which has switches to toggle left and right channels.. useless, but fun to make with spare parts from my junk drawer :)