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I heart HP

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

My chat with HP (for some reason it got cut off at the beginning):

Mitchell: It will appear as popup on your Computer screen, behind your CHAT window.
Max Kelley: well, the problem isn’t that the cartidges are leaking anymore, it’s just the contents and buildup in the ink spittoon.]
Max Kelley: the printer’s been used heavily for the last several years.
Mitchell: Okay.
Mitchell: Thanks for the information
Mitchell: Did you receive the web page?
Max Kelley: yes.
Mitchell: Please follow the steps provided in the web page
Max Kelley: ok, they’re cleaned.
Mitchell: Now try to print a test page amd let me know the result
Max Kelley: printing works perfectly fine. the pages come out like it’s brand new. the problem is the ink that is currently saturating my desk.
Mitchell: Please follow the steps to print the test page.
Mitchell: Turn the printer on.
Press and hold the POWER button.
Press the RESUME button four times.
Release the POWER button.
Mitchell: Good-bye! and take care!!
Max Kelley: I don’t need to know how to print a test page, or a walkthrough, all I need is a guide on how to remove the outer plastic case of the printer.
Mitchell: Sorry for the above statement.
Mitchell: sure, I will provide you the steps to print the test page.
Max Kelley: no, I don’t need the test page.. the printer works like a charm.
Mitchell: Alright
Mitchell: Now try printing a document form word or notepad and let me know the print quality of the document.
Max Kelley: sir, the print quality is excellent, it always has been, and it always will, I’m sure. however, I am currently more worried about my printer’s incessant ability to pour large amounts of ink on my desk.
Mitchell: Okay.
Mitchell: We have cleaned the cartridges now so let me know if there is an ink leakage from the cartridge again.
Max Kelley: sir, it’s not a constant leaking from the cartridge, but rather from the cartridge cleaning station. there is a buildup of sludge and ink about an inch high in the cleaning station which has proceeded to empty its contents over all matter in the near vicinity. please, please, please, give me the document on how to remove the case of the printer. If you do not have a document which explains this process, please tell me so.
Mitchell: Please confirm that cartridges are HP branded, not refilled or remanufactured?
Max Kelley: listen. pretend that the cartridges are nonexistent for a moment. instead, the question I am asking you is “how to open the case of my printer”. now, please give me instructions on how to do so. I’m not sure how to make it any more plain.
Mitchell: Okay, I understand your concern.
Mitchell: Please allow me a few minutes,
Mitchell: Thanks for your time and patience.
Mitchell: Max, I’ll share a web page with you.
Mitchell: It will appear as popup on your Computer screen, behind your CHAT window.
Max Kelley: ok.
Mitchell: It is the only document which will help you with this issue.
Mitchell: Did you receive the web page?
Max Kelley: would there be a way to obtain the document that an HP service center would use to open this printer?
Max Kelley: I’ve already seen that document.
Mitchell: As you have tried with that document also so you need to contact the service center to open this printer.
Max Kelley: how would I do that?
Mitchell: I will provide you the link to contact the service center.
Mitchell: Here is the link:
Mitchell: Open the Internet explorer copy the above link and paste it on the address bar of the Internet explorer and then press enter on the keyboard.
Max Kelley: thank you.
Mitchell: You are welcome.
Mitchell: What else can I do for you today?
Max Kelley: nothing thank you.
Mitchell: My pleasure assisting you.
Mitchell: Good-bye! and take care!!
Mitchell: Have a great time ahead!
Mitchell: Thank you for using HP Total Care and providing us an opportunity to serve you through Real-Time CHAT.
Mitchell: If you need further assistance, please contact us again at: Chat support is available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.