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Christmas Rearranging

Thursday, December 25th, 2008

I decided to move my rigs around, and now I have easy access to the HF rig instead of having to run halfway across the room. I love it!


Saturday, December 6th, 2008

What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Olivia is the sun…
Er… ok, maybe not, but these last few days, I had been experimenting with listening to radio transmissions sent using OLIVIA, a highly error-proof digital mode. It can even be copied when the signal is 10db below the noise floor, meaning you don’t even have to hear it to copy it. So, I fired up FLDigi, and set it to OLIVIA, and started decoding QSOs.. it was so cool to have errorless text show up on your screen when there’s barely a signal! So, I heard someone calling CQ tonight using it, and the temptation to answer back became too great! I put my microphone in front of my computer speaker, and answered back.. and the rest went sort of like this…

kc2spy kc2spy de WB8ROL tnx for call om and ge
RSQ :  599 599 nice sig
QTH : Ludlow Falls, OH – near Dayton
LOC : en70xb
Name : Gary Gary
So BTU – hw cpy ? – kC2SPY de WB8ROL KN
T”bpvV`q2kwb8rol DE KC2SPY Good copy here, I don’t have a rig interface, just a microphone
up to the speaker. 599 copy here too, name is Max in Webster, NY near Rochester. FN13GF
This is my first OLIVIA contact… it’s pretty cool! So, back to you, Gary. WB8ROL de KC2SPY
kC2SPY de WB8ROL – 100% cpy Max – FB on the microphone hi hi As long as you don’t sneeze no problem hihi Really sounds good – would NOT hv known if you hadn’t told me. Glad to be ur 1st Olivia QSO!  It’s my favorite mode and spend 80% time on it. So some DominoEX FEC, THOR, and ALE400 too. Run 40w hr to 115ft CF Dipole fed with ladder line. FLDig software on Linux + SignalLink USB interface. BTU Max kC2SPY de WB8ROL KN
HZO?    [N
>*$WB8ROL DE KC2SPY Very good Gary, and thanks for the compliments. I think
this mode will quickly become one of my favorites, and less troublesome after
I wire something up :) Very good on the 40w at 115feet.. I have 100w on a G5RV
at 25 feet.. sorta evens things out. I too am using FLDigi on Ubuntu Linux.. what
distro are you running over there? BTU WB8ROL de KC2SPY
@@@l*$.. kC2SPY de WB8ROL - perfect print agn Max - Using the Kubuntu 8.04 hr - Really like KDE but so far KDE 4 looks crappy to me so sticking with 3.59 KDE on Kubuntu 8.04. Been on Linux for 6 years - prefer it to Windows BUT don't hate windows hihi . Age hr is 58 - ham since 1963. On digi since 2003 and discovered Olivia 14 months ago. Last 14 months hv had 831 Olivia QSO's and 4 PSK hi hi - BTU Max kC2SPY de WB8ROL KN (e
h"1SWysCVWB8ROL DE KC2SPY Agn good copy as usual Gary.. turned down power here
a little bit, now at 40w like yourself.. I do enjoy having final transistors :) I have
regular Ubuntu 8.04, but have installed XFCE4 here.. a bit more lightweight than
Gnome and KDE. I've been on Linux for probably... 3 years, maybe? All computers
in the house (around 8) are on various distros, except for 2 windows-only machines.
I'm 15 yrs old here, been  aham since Dec 21 last year and on digital since.. 5 mins
ago, LOL. Back to you! WB8ROL de KC2SPY
@XR.. kC2SPY de WB8ROL - 100% agn Max - I started on RedHat yrs ago, then Mandrake, Mandriva, Mepis, and now Kbuntu. SO glad I changed to Debian based distros. I also play with Slax and Puppy linux too. I figure I hv dual core Athlon 5000+ and 2gb RAM so I like desktop with most fuctionality. XFCE too lite weight for my tastes hi hi. Plus I do C++ programming and KDevelop only great Visual IDE on Linux that is free.  FB on being 15 yrs old! - I am slightly older hi hi X 4 almost hi.  Really love this digi stuff! - BTU Max kC2SPY de WB8ROL KN (V>oWfy:
KMAWB8ROL de KC2SPY very good Gary, I started off with Fedora a while back
when I discovered a book  on Linux around the house (my Mom's?) from the
90s, had a very old version of Slackware on it, but I couldn't get it working. So,
I downloaded Fedora Core 2, and got that working.. Then from there, I think I
went straight  to Ubuntu, when it was 5.10, and then to Debian, but was unhappy
with PKG selection avail. so back to Ubuntu again at 6.10ish.. Gotta love apt! RedHat/
Fedora has yum, which I think is similar, but not as good.. I have a P4 2.6ghz with
1g RAM... meager by today's standards.. it does sometimes tend to get bogged down,
so XFCE helps a little bit. I do a little bit of PHP and MySQL web stuff every once in a
while, but I use simply Scite, which just does syntax highli. I'll be sending a card along
your way, once I find a pen to fill it out :) BTU, sorry for the length. WB8ROL de KC2SPY
@Adl.. kC2SPY de WB8ROL - 100% Max though sig is decreasing - Apt and Synaptic is why I like Debian based distros like Kubuntu!!  RPM and YUM NOT so yummy hi hi  With RPM used to be REAL easy to HOSE up an installation. Apt-Synaptic really cooks. I do a little PHP, MySQL too - have 6-7 virtual machines (VMWare) and 2 of those are web servers for sites I maintain. Also do Flash programming (action script).  I love my computer and hi speed internet even more than ham radio. Well, better not hold it too long - band may be changing - Out of QSL's hr BUT will get some soon! - BTU - I'll sign out on next over - kC2SPY de WB8ROL KN in"^[-*lWB8ROL de Kc2spy very good again gary, yes,  I love apt, and I'm actually doing a dist-upgrade
right now to take advantage  of the new version of FLDigi in Intrepid. Very nice  onthe VM's.. that's cool stuff. I used to do a whole lot more stuff on the computer, but sorta got bored w ithit, and now I'm on to radio stuff and electronics and building things. is my site, which is run by Wordpress, but I used to have my own custom PHP cms running it. Very good on the flash, too.. I did a little bit with flash, but not much with ActionScript. Thanks again for the contact, and I hope to hear you on again some other time...73s!  WB8ROL de KC2SPY seeya!
@@@ywd.. kC2SPY de WB8ROL - FB Max - If you get a chance look at - It's my XYLs web site - she's an artist. But I do the programming hi pdoodle is short for our favorite cat who's nickname is Punky Doodle. I hp cuagn on digi Max - enjoy yakking with other Linux users! Take care - hv a great holiday season - best 73 for now Max kC2SPY de WB8ROL SK 4E;m8
R:    ^cr3WB8ROL de KC2SPY will check it out! Thanks again Gary, and enjoy
the holidays as well.. nice full-duty digital modes keep the shack warm
in the winter! :D 73s WB8ROL de KC2SPY SK
@$uz]p$… energy efficient! 73 dit dit

And that was that! It was a very cool QSO… It took quite a bit longer than it seems because of transmission speed, about 1 hour.. but it was well worth it.