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roasted edamame they taste like nuts even though theyre not

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Well, everyone gets their fair share of spam, but sometimes I just cannot understand these… And this one was quite entertaining. Let’s look!

isnt life surprising i was laying awake thinking last night about how different my life has gone then what i thought (in a good way)

cate (incredulously) what were you a child of adam and eve

but the main thing i love about this picture is tree cover you can see in the upper right corner thats how it was all around the block even on really hot days you could find a great place to play in some serious shade everyone had a huge tree or trees somewhere on their property and bushes and ivy and a great variety of things the only reason we had those young trees on the corner was because my mom sold our big palm tree to some palm springs landscapers ha

remember when the weather was warm and we would go to the park when daddy got home from work and we would bring homemade bread and fruit to eat for dinner and we would be drenched in golden light and the cousins would come meet us for some wild rides down the slide

how have you been surprised what can i say

from anthro

grant and i talked last fall about wanting to take control and own a home and make some of our dreams a reality so we planned to move back to california for some opportunities there

goal peaceful nights productive days

did anyone else sustain life with saltines from the ages of 13-17

i got a lot emails about what i eat and how it effects pcos- so i hope you dont mind if i just answer all the questions here instead of going through each email

snacks NUTS i would die without nuts i love roasted almonds cashews peanuts i also love those roasted edamame they taste like nuts even though theyre not and nuts taste really good with a few slices of swiss cheese also deli meat slices celery with peanut butter on it a few whole grain crackers with cheese beef jerky sugar free snack packs stuffed mushrooms hard boiled eggs string cheese protein bars crudites and more NUTS

and that made me think of all the insomniatic nights that she stayed up with me and mirrored my every move and snuggled me right out of my anxiety into dreamland long after grant and cate had drifted off

hard to find only a little ive met some truly kindred spirits in my life so far especially my two nicoles (well coco i not so much met as i was born to the same parents) i love them girls and their cute purses

he is the perfect mix to me of blues and folk and funk and feeling

seriously though my closest friends are fun real and honest good entertaining in love with life a little crazy down to earth deep and incapable of bs

where are neighborhoods like that anymore with bushes big enough to hide in and kids that go around the block together all afternoon and normal sized houses and the old winkfields next door ok i dont need the winkfields but id sure love to give my kids the rest

i love all the sweet artistically talented bloggers that offer free downloads around holidays for us readers

And you kind of wonder, after reading… “What the hell just happened?”

Righto, well, off to do some reading for school, Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle. And hopefully, within the next few days, I’ll have a posting up here of a couple projects that I will be undertaking, one involving a Motorola UHF Maratrac I received, and the other involving the replacement of a surface-mount microphone on an LG VX8700 cellphone.

Cheers, until then!